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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

CHRONOS May Week 4 Greek Gods and Goddesses Theme SRAJD Jewelry Challenge

Our theme for May is “Greek Gods/Goddesses” and the entries for this final week’s design challenge were inspired by the theme of “Chronos, god of time”.   

Also come back this Sunday as we reveal the entries for the overall theme of gods/goddesses to round out our May challenge month.

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Tammy Adams of Paisley Lizard 
This mixed-metal necklace has hands-free clock faces to represent how our individual perception of time is relative and subjective. As poets and musicians across the ages have noted, time is either standing still or passing us by, depending on our point of view. Or perhaps depending on whether Chronos is toying with us, as gods are known to do.

Nohline L'Ecuyer of Nohline L'Ecuyer
Chronus, God of time - Bracelet in fine silver with vintage watch faces and watch parts; vintage mother of pearl buttons. Note the infinity clasp.

Nohline L'Ecuyer of Nohline L'Ecuyer 
Chronus - Watch parts and sterling stud earrings.

Nohline L'Ecuyer of Nohline L'Ecuyer
Chronos - Mother of Pearl and watch part earrings. Sterling silver studs.

Kelly Hosford Patterson of PyxeeStyx
"Everybody Wants To Rule The World" 
Time is not my friend. Never has been. My piece is dedicated to Chronos fall from power. 
Chronos was not a nice guy. Castrated his own father to steal the throne. Then ate his own children to prevent the same from happening to himself. Rhea wised up and saved Zeus who was eventually able to unseat his father from power. This is my thank you note. 
Zeus was born, hidden away on the isle of Crete. The center of my pendant is a postage stamp encased in glass, from the neighboring Greek isle of Cypress, which is adorned with their coat of arms featuring the laurel wreath. 
Below that an upcyled watch face, representing Chronos. The hands of time that no longer turn. 
Below that a vintage silver plated and enameled horse representing the Anemoi. The Gods of the four winds, who in the guise of horses drew the chariot of Zeus. 
Hung from a chain of alternating Lapis Lazuli diamonds, and upcycled pottery shards, with blue moonstone spacers and dangles. 
Culminating in Greek Keys. Also known as the meander was the most important symbol in ancient Greece. Symbolizing infinity, or the eternal flow of things. 
Sari silk runs across the back of the neck for a comfortable fit, and closes with a Greek key hook clasp. All in shades of Greek blue.

For my Chronos theme, I went with the Saturnine inspiration and repeated a technique I’ve used in the past to create a “planet-looking” effect.  This small lentil was made from copper and bronze metal clay and fired in a kiln at 1500 degrees to create this colorful reaction in the metal.

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And start preparing for June’s themes:  Exotic Landmarks
June 2nd Kyoto, Japan
June 9th Deadvlei, Namibia
June 16th Antelope Canyon, USA
June 23rd Angkor wat, Cambodia
June 30th Marble Caves, Chile
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