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Sunday, May 4, 2014

April Overall Elements Theme SRAJD Jewelry Challenge

Our design challenge theme for April was “ELEMENTS”.  Please see our previous blog posts for the specific weekly challenges of earth, water, air and fire. 

The final entry for April brings you the jewelry designs that were inspired by the overall theme of “elements”.

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Barbara Swinton of Touch of Silver
This gemstone charm bracelet is filled with color from the waters of the earth - aqua, blues, turquoise and abalone. Coin pearls and swarovski pearls represent the clouds blown by the wind, while fiery carnelian, red jasper and yellow jade create warmth in the piece.

Deborah Lambson of Deborah J Lambson
Earthy 'garden' style flame worked beads paired with copper and labradorite..such a beautiful stone originating in Labrador, Canada. 

Jo Pound of Jewelry by Jolane
My necklace represents all the elements to me. The earth is represented by the flowers growing or even the closure looks like earth. The water is all the aquas, blues and green. The daggers represent the clouds and the center piece represents fire.

JeriEllyn Holt Ross of Images By Jer
The leaves are fire in this tree grown from water and the earth. It cleanses the air around it.

PLEASE NOTE: We have changed the deadlines for the weekly challenges from Friday nights to Monday nights.  See you on the 5th!

Check the previous blog posts to see all the weekly challenge designs to date.  And keep an eye out for the upcoming challenges.

May Theme: Greek Gods and Goddesses 
Weekly theme deadlines
May 5th Apollo, god of the sun, light, and healing
May 12th Artemis, goddess of hunting, wilderness, wild animals, childbirth, and the moon
May 19th Dionysus, god of wine, parties, madness, and ecstasy

May 26th Chronos, god of time

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And/or read the original blog post about the challenges here.

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