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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

APOLLO May Week 1 Greek Gods and Goddesses Theme SRAJD Jewelry Challenge

Our theme for May is “Greek Gods/Goddesses” and the entries for the first week's design challenge were inspired by the theme of “Apollo: god of the sun, light, and healing”.

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Tammy Adams of Paisley Lizard
I created this "Sunrise Sunset" necklace from polymer clay to represent Apollo pulling sun across the sky.

Jo Pound of Jewelry by Jolane
These yellow orbs with the orange netting just shout sun and light.

Nathalie Lesage of Nathalie Lesage Jewelry
Apollo, the God of Healing... My submission is a triple wrap bracelet featuring Labradorite, as it is well known for its healing properties. I also had to include beautiful soft Greek Leather in the mix (since we're into Greek Gods this month) :)

Nohline L'Ecuyer of Nohline L'Ecuyer
Apollo - I made the fine silver medallion from mould of a cheap plastic disk. The chain is made of soldered fine silver rings. The bezel is 14k gold. The only things I did not make on this piece are the caps and clasp which are gold plated.

Kim Forrer of Kim Forrer Designs
Beautiful Citrine stone is the focal of this necklace. Hanging from the Citrine is Apollo......and the other stones are various colors of the sun and earth.

Vonna Maslanka of JustVonna
Spring Healing, hand forged copper link and handmade lampwork bead bracelet. beads created by Jody of Elasia Gifts.

My interpretation of Apollo involved a domed copper disk with kiln-fired enamel (glass powder) fused in layers of color with a bit of sgraffito to emphasize the burst of light from the sun.

Lindsay Philipson of Precious Violet
For the Apollo theme, I chose these rustic ceramic sun charms by BoHulleyBeads, paired with lampwork by Clare Scott.

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May Theme: Greek Gods and Goddesses
Weekly theme deadlines
May 5th Apollo, god of the sun, light, and healing
May 12th Artemis, goddess of hunting, wilderness, wild animals, childbirth, and the moon
May 19th Dionysus, god of wine, parties, madness, and ecstasy
May 26th Chronos, god of time

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1 comment:

Pamela Hollis said...

Wow my fellows amaze me. These are bold suggestive designs that just had to take more than a week? :)