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Friday, September 2, 2016

August 2016 Design Challenge Theme: Jewelry Inspired by a Favorite Song

Here are the entries from members of the SRAJD Organization for the theme of:
Make a Piece of Jewelry Inspired By a Song 

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Dinah Hoyt Taylor
One of my favorite songs is an instrumental by Los Lobos called 'Arizona Skies'. I have had these pieces of coral, turquoise, labradorite and rock crystal sitting around and the combination always reminded me of my times driving to Rillito, AZ to pick up lettuce for the eastern markets. I loved the mountains, the skies, the heat and the coolness of early morning. The clasps, the end caps and the mountain shaped center piece and earrings are all made by me using .999 or fine silver.

Julie Vargas
The magnesite red drops reminded me of red balloons and it came to my mind of the catchy 80's song "99 Red Balloons". The length of these earrings is 2 inches from the top of the copper ear-wires to the bottom of the copper loop.These copper and red magnesite drops earrings have a simple design but offer an eye-catching, bold and elegant touch to your wardrobe.  

Silvia Catarina
The song that inspired this necklace was "Wonderful Life" by Black, aka Colin Vearncombe.
"Here I go, out to sea again, the sunshine fills my hair, and dreams hang in the air..."
This song is melancholy and uplifting at the same time. While the lonely narrator walks by the ocean with his heart wrapped in sadness and longing, he sees that, despite his pain, all around him life is happening in all its beauty and exuberance.
The maritime theme is reflected in the piece of raw coral that I collected off a beach during a vacation. I used muted colors, such as a dark blue, a soft mossy green, grey and accents of light salmon pink. I grew up by the Baltic sea and was always fascinated by how, on the coast, all colors acquire a misty, muted quality. I sewed a garland of light blue lace flowers all around the main strands of the necklace to symbolize the richness and self-celebration of life I feel the song transmits. For the same reason, I also added lots of asymmetric detail, such as the pink accents, ceramic beads of which all but one are a dark pigeon blue, and irregularly knotted snippets of fabric.
"Wonderful Life" is a song most dear to me, just as its author. It has accompanied me since my childhood and has never lost its entrancing magic for me.

Gayla Weber
Build Me Up Buttercup was inspired by Beth Mellor's little bead cups, which I turned into little flowers with beads by Nia Nelson. I was singing it all the way through construction of the earrings and everyone who sees them sings it too! 

Jo Pound
Moon River, Andy Williams
One of my favorites so I put a moon clouds, river and opaline rocks along the river sides. The colors in the river represent the many reflections of the moon along the top. Lunasoft cab in pearl makes a very pretty moon with seed beads, crystals and diamond duos. Also lined with silver embossed leather.

Alixandra Browning
"Spooky Little Girl", The Zombies. Halloween is right around the corner and I had been wanting to make something pretty with a theme for some time. Sterling Silver Bats accent Sterling Silver Hoops with Genuine Jet and Amber Beads, creating a subtle and spooky, but cute pair of earrings. 

Chris Donofrio
"The Book of Love", by the Monotones, 1958. This was one of my favorite songs from my childhood, and brings back wonderful memories of watching American Bandstand with my older sister on Saturday afternoons, and playing her records (45's) on the record player.
These 1-1/2" long earrings are copper fold-formed and hammered lightly, and are an abstract representation of a book. They also have a heart made by Miyuki Long Magatama Seed Beads in Transparent Rainbow Red.

Tammy Adams
This necklace was inspired by 'Three Little Birds' sung by Bob Marley and the Wailers. Although I don't consider myself an optimist, the idea of waking up smiling at the rising sun, listening to the sweet song of birds, and knowing "every little thing gonna be alright" appeals to me. I used happy sunrise colors for the polymer clay feather and beads, and accented them with sparkling faceted glass on rustic copper wire and chain.

Kim Forrer
I have been in a major creative slump since July 1st. Was listening to Trip Switch by Nothing But Thieves and I guess it tripped my switch so I went to my bench and made these earrings from Copper, Turquoise and Kambaba Jasper. Hopefully I can get my mojo back.

Maria Renata
This piece was inspired by Vivaldi's "Winter"
The tunes from Vivaldi's "Winter" inspires me to create a version of a somewhat "warm" winter, where people are still attending balls and when the sunlight is still there, although somewhat fading. This piece was meant to reflect those feelings - a winter which is grand with all of its iciness and falling snow, but managed to let out one last ray of sunshine before everything turns solemn and quiet.

Darlene Orlowski
Trip Around the Sun - Jimmy Buffet

Nohline L'Ecuyer
Hair by Zen (1968)

Laura Bracken
My song inspiration is UPRISING by Muse.  I listen to a lot of Muse songs when I'm in the workshop making jewelry and "Uprising" always reminded me of a Viking "marching to war" kind of song.  Ha ha ha!  With that in mind, I went for a torque-style bracelet (the opening shows on the top of the wrist).  To work this the way I wanted, I annealed the copper about 10 times, between which there was twisting, forging, and texturing.  I opted for two small faceted Spinels as subtle decoration.

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