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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

June 2015 Polymer Clay and Metal Clay Theme for SRAJD Jewelry Design Challenge

Before we begin with June, congrats to Trish Gray for being the randomly chosen winner from the May submissions.

Trish, here is a list of the prizes accumulated so far. Select your gift from here. Just msg or email me with your selection choice.

And now.... Our theme for June 2015 was “Polymer Clay and Metal Clay”. Click on each artist's name to see more of their work.

Here are the beautiful offerings of the SRAJD members…

Amanda Aldridge: This is a reproduction of a silver gilt mount that was found at the Sutton Hoo Anglo Saxon burial excavation in Sussex UK. It is made from Artclay Copper and is approx 5¾ cm long and 2 cms wide. I etched it on the Silhouette Cameo and hung it from a length of leather thong for an authentic early feel.

Mary Hargrave: The clear green/blue glass beads were a gift from my daughter, who instructed me to do whatever I wanted with them. Recently inspired by Helen Breil, I made this pendant to evoke the mood of a serene pool. Ooohhhmmm.

Marcia Tobolsky: I had this beads that I did long ago with the pre mix the poly-clay, I fallow the instruction and put in the oven as I think that work, but forget all about to use, until today decide to use with crystals and old hair pins.

Mary Hargrave: This is made of underlying scrap clay from a project of red, pink color that I overlaid with thin black polymer and impressed with a grid of quarter inch square wire. Then I carefully sliced off the black to reveal the colors underneath.

Marcia Tobolsky: After I made the bracelet, I realize that I have more poly-clay beads so I design the earrings and necklace to made the set.

Mary Hargrave: Tube beads are pretty easy to make, but the colors and design of the polymer clay take some work to make them interesting. I see these are purple butterfly wing beads.

Mary Hargrave: Silvered black squares make up this double stranded polymer clay necklace.

Tammy Adams: The butterfly collage neckpiece is solid polymer clay. The faux pressed glass beads in the neckline are made from translucent polymer clay. On matte black brass chain, with a painted butterfly charm at the clasp.

Maxine Booth: Camo is so popular here in the south...you see whole families dressed in it, even on Sundays! I was playing with my polymer clay and wanted to see if I could concoct a cane that looked wearable. After baking it, I looked through my beads for colors that would enhance and complement the clay, and voila, it came together.

Maxine Booth: I wanted to play with my clay and dug through my molds that I hadn't used for awhile. I found what looked like fun and began conditioning the clay colors I wanted to use, squished them into the molds and baked, then pulled out some acrylic paints, a brush and went to town. That was really fun, but the hard part was in finding a chain or ribbon that would look good with both sides of this reversible pendant!
(photo pending)

Helen White

Helen White

Helen White

Laura Bracken: Pulled these from the archive and it really makes me want to get out the polymer clays again. These were like my only foray into the medium. I love the vibrant colors and patterns available with polymer clay.

Laura Bracken: Here’s one of my latest metal clay pieces using all three metals I work with… copper, bronze, and steel. It’s called “Road Trip” and was a lot of fun to make.

We hope you’ve enjoyed looking at these wonderful creations. Make sure to check out the other monthly challenges.

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