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Monday, November 7, 2016

October 2016 Design Challenge Theme: Emotion as Jewelry

Here are the entries from members of the SRAJD Organization for the following theme challenge: "Create a piece of jewelry that evokes an emotion"

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Diane Perry of Catcophony Wearable Art

The love of a parent for their child.

The emotion I hoped to evoke with this pair of hand-forged earrings is "lighthearted." This basic shape popped into my head one night as I was trying to get to sleep, and I had to hop out of bed, sketch it, and play around with it a little. I think it would be fun to continue to see what I can do with this shape - somehow it makes me smile.
Tala Krygin of Tala Kay Studio on Etsy
I decided to go with the feeling of reminiscing. Not quite nostalgia, as that emotion is a longing for the past. Reminiscing with my design piece is creating something new and bright using the past as a role model. What once was regal will always be regal and have a place in history.

Kim Lyons of TapestryGal Designs
I'm not sure if it was the ease of the weave or the blending of the purples, but as I worked, I felt a calm come over me. I often find tranquility in purples. This piece was made from glass beads made in the Czech Republic.

Kim Forrer of Wild Rain Designs
This is the first piece I have made in weeks and I think it evokes a feeling of optimism....as I am starting to be optimistic about continuing down this path, amid the slowdown in sales.

Lucy Clasen of LuDesigns Creations
The emotion I am portraying is with these orange lampwork and sterling silver ear wire earrings.


Jo Pound of Jewelry by Jo Lane
My piece of jewelry is the simple navy leather bracelet with a silver sunflower clasp. It represents three of the things my daughter-in-law truly liked. Navy blue was her favorite color, her favorite flower was the sunflower and she loved silver. She passed away 9 years ago and I miss her every day. She gave me my only grandchild and this bracelet truly evokes more emotion than any piece I have ever made.

Darlene Orlowski of The Irish Lassie Shop
The emotion I tried to evoke is grief. I used a vintage cemetery angel image embedded in resin. Since the Victorian era created a lot of customs for funerals and death, I used a center piece that had a Victorian feeling. Along with the black beads, I tried to create the deep sadness that comes with grief. 

Laura Bracken of Bracken Designs
The emotion I chose is "carefree".  These Bohemian style earrings are 6 inches long.  The quote that goes along with them is: "I thought she would be fun to have fun with." (James Baldwin, Giovanni's Room)  I do find that hanging out with carefree people has so many more rewards than hanging out with drama-intensive, overly-critical, or super anxious people.  These sterling silver and ruby earrings are dedicated to my friend (she knows who she is) who really is fun to have fun with.  

The next monthly theme is "found objects" (aka "the unconventional materials challenge").  Make some jewelry whose primary content or focal component is not traditionally associated with jewelry making.  Time to go outside the box! 

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