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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Project Runway Challenge -- Week 7: Shoes

For week seven, the designers got to pick (after  correctly answering a fashion industry trivia question... which really showed people's self-righteous colors... meow) a pair of shoes from the Marie Claire wall 'o shoes.

I'm feeling opinionated today so I'm going to share my thoughts and I'd LOVE for your to share your thoughts too by leaving a comment on this post.

The top three looks were: Helen, Alexandria, and Ken.  

I thought Ken's dress (aside from being WAY too short) looked like an off-the-rack clubbing dress (I'm not sure my opinion isn't tainted by my dislike for Ken's constantly negative  attitude... about everything).

And what was with all the build-up drama over the battle of the tartan pants?!  Nothing... it was nothing and went nowhere.  Both pants were nice and weren't in competition anyway.

Here's Helen's winning look:

And Alexandria's dress:

And Ken's dress:

The designs that were safe included: Alexander, Dom (I think she has fabulous ideas and I adored the creepers, but there were a few things about this dress I wasn't fond of), Justin, Karen (can you say "literal"?  Ha ha ha), and Kate (I would have preferred to see Kate's outfit in the top three rather than Ken's).






The three looks with the lowest scores were Bradon (I adore Bradon, but I agree with the judges on this one.  His technique was cool, but the outfit as a whole just needed to be scratched an begun again), Jeremy (once the judges put the image of "Pretty Woman" into my head, that's all I saw with Jeremy's design), and Miranda (who was axed from the competition... I liked the pants but the rest was a disaster).




Our challenge is for you to find a photo of a pair of shoes you want to use as your inspiration (on the submission form, there will be a special place for you to upload the photo of your inspirational shoes as well as the usual place to upload your jewelry entry.).   
Submit your entry here (preferably by next Thursday, but not crucial).  Can't wait to see what you come up with!



Nike E. Bottalico said...

really enjoyed the show this week and love your write up -- will try to pay and find shoes and make something!

Anonymous said...

Just read your write up and it made me laugh. Yep all of that drama over the tartan pants for nothing. I am sitting here with some black suede lace and wondering how and what I will make that might represent the shoes Alexandira had. But I also have some neon yellow pearls that might go well with Karen's shoes.