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Friday, August 2, 2013

Project Runway Jewelry Challenge Week 2 Results

A huge thank you to those participating in this fun SRAJD challenge.  Keep the designs coming!

Here are the results of the challenge: Diamonds (or bling, in general).  The instructions to the jewelry makers were: Make your piece of jewelry based on either the challenge theme (million dollar precious gem jewelry) or inspired by any of the outfits from the show.

Annabel Alleyne’s creation:

Grace Gipson: “Kahindo's design was not worthy of a 'go home', that's all I want to say about this weeks designs. Well, that and the fact that diamonds should not have been so 'uninspiring' to the designers. So I have to pick. Well, my inspiration was diamonds so how could I top that in jewelry? I can't, so I'll just add color to Alexandria von Bromssen's styling. Hope next week is more inspiring.”

Laura Bracken: “I was inspired by the diamonds but decided to go with black rather than clear. I made a necklace/bracelet/earring set comprised of faceted black Spinel and sterling silver.”

Joyce Ingram: "For the week two challenge, this necklace has lots of lovely silver and coated topaz and quartz. Bit of bling but very wearable."

Cynthia Ebner: "Diamonds and Pearls are a girls best friend! Both are used here in the 'Celebrate' bracelet!"

Nohline l'Ecuyer: "This is episode 2. Couldn't afford diamonds so I used fresh water pearls and fine silver to make these earrings. There is a second pair as well."

Julie Loebbaka: "I did not have any diamonds so I had to make due with multiple strands of faceted labradorite teardrops, garnets and gold vermeil beads. I really loved the necklace that Sandro had so I used the garnet and gold vermeil to get a similar look. This was a fun challenge, how can jewelry makers not be inspired by this week's subject?"

Feel free to join in for any of the weekly challenges you'd like.  When you fill out the form to upload your photo, you will be asked which week your design was made for, then I'll put it in the appropriate blog post.

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Anonymous said...

Come back from vacation SRAJD members and join in on the creation fun. Project Runway needs you too! And when you're done, you'll have new pieces to sell.
Glass With Grace