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Friday, August 9, 2013

Project Runway Jewelry Challenge Week 3 Results

Week three's theme was Coney Island (and/or its carnival game prizes).  SRAJD members had the option of running with the theme or using a design from the Project Runway show as inspiration (see the clothing designs here).

Without further ado, here are the entries for the week (remember, you can still submit even after the deadline!):

Grace Gipson: "I'm not inspired by dresses that look like they were thrown together with balloons that were cut into strips. But, it's my job to find inspiration. I decided the dress made by Bradon and Karen needed some styling. So this bracelet is my week 3 Coney Island inspiration."  

Tasha Harris: "Trying new things, like the rides at a carnival. I chose the ride of the violin, with its twists and turns of this weave. A happy mixture of music and rides of the carnival. It had to be petite, bold and svelte as any red dress wearing woman. (Stone-Magnesite)."

Laura Bracken: "I ended up going with more of an overall FEEL of carnival prizes rather than any sort of literal interpretation.  This gave me a chance to use some fun beads to make this over-the-top big, heavy necklace."

Nohline l'Ecuyer: "Ispired by the red hat dress, these are glass disks which I folded over and made into dangling earrings using sterling silver and two odd red beads I had on hand."

Joyce Ingram: "For my Coney Island entry I have created a longer styled necklace that reminds me of all the sparkly lights and bright colours of the carnival. I was also thinking (for a Scottish person) of the colours of the furry soft toys that are given as prizes." 

I hope you join is for the next runway challenge... bow ties!

And if you end up designing something for the Coney Island challenge, any time during the airing of season 12, submit it here.

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