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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

BUBBLES Style December Week 4 SRAJD Jewelry Challenge

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Our themes for December were chosen by the SRAJD members. This week’s challenge theme is “Bubbles”.

Neva Murtha of Spiral River Designs
Plasma bubbles anyone? Simply elegant and fun earrings inspired by the dance of the solar system and cosmos (and my partner's love of space ship propulsion), crafted with sterling silver and forged with love in the Heart of the Spiral River. 

Sarah Clay of Sarahbushka at WiresNPliers
Chantilly Bubbles: This 22” necklace features transparent lampwork beads with a patterned combination of carnation, gold, cranberry, copper and gold lined beads. The center focal bead is transparent with a revolving spun gold spiral. *This is a Sarahbushka Art Career original. The SRAJD artist is a severely disabled woman with autism and developmental disabilities who proudly enjoys stringing necklaces which premiere in a shop section allocated to Sarahbushka‘s Art Careers.”

Tammy Adams of Paisley Lizard
These dramatic long dangle chandelier earrings were inspired by champagne bubbles. Made with silver filigree stations and assorted Swarovski glass pearls and Swarovski crystals on sterling silver wire.

Teresa Perkins of By Faith Jewelry
Watermelon tourmaline dance among the sterling silver bubbles.

Jennifer James of Jenni Leigh Creations
Under the Sea Bubbles: All Sterling silver. Handmade "waves" chain and woven "bubbles". Sponge Coral beads.

Sherri Jones of SenoJ Designs
My interpretation of Bubbles is this tri-colored Agate and other stones, in which I decided to use the clasp as a pendant. It turned out great!

Laura Bracken of Bracken Designs Studio Art Jewelry
I can think of nothing other than “bubbles” theme when I look at this necklaces of hollow lampwork glass beads. 

December’s themes (as chosen by the SRAJD members):
Dec 2: Botanical
Dec 9: Whimsical
Dec 16: Winter/December themes
Dec 23: Bubbles
Dec 30: Beach

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1 comment:

Tammy Adams said...

Beautiful designs. I love how the challenge theme takes us all in so many different directions.