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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

ORGANIC Style November Week 1 SRAJD Jewelry Challenge

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Our theme for November is “Basic Styles” and the entries for this week’s design challenge were inspired by the theme of “Organic”.

Diane Perry of Catcophany Wearable Art
Hammered and embossed copper is accented with ball-end copper wire. Stratified Mexican laguna lace agate in warm tones is added to the mix and epitomizes the earth, which is after all-organic. 

Debra Jeffries of Debra’s Divine Designs
I created this piece using a beautiful fall maple leaf I collected from my own tree. It represents my pride in being a Canadian being blessed for standing strong and free. The materials used are up-cycled copper from our local scrap yard, glass to hold and protect the leaf and a mix of carnelian and jasper gemstone nuggets. 

Neva Murtha of Spiral River Designs
This is a custom engagement ring created with a tavernier cut aquamarine and 14k white gold. I love working with organic looking stones with interesting cuts because they give each ring their own personality. I also find I have to become one with the metals and the stones as I work with them in order to understand the qualities of the materials I work with. 

Jo Pound of Jewelry by Jolane
The centerpiece pendant is a shell coated with epoxy and and the necklace straps are shell chips. The center shell is surrounded by thee layers of daggers on a bead embroidered piece with copper leather backing. The shells are my organic part. Super duos are the remaining part of the necklace in all colors of the sunset. The piece is called "A Florida Sunset". 

Tammy Adams of Paisley Lizard
The organic nuggets in this necklace were made with ground nutmeg and green tea powder. The rough shapes and textured patterns of the beads are accented with copper spacers and chain.

Kay Lancashire of Kay’s Artycles
This is a piece of bleached coral, for which I made a little copper cap and used knotless netting to capture the end. Chain and copper have been patinaed with LOS.

Tammy Adams of Paisley Lizard
This maple leaf shaped brooch is made from polymer clay. The veins were impressed from a fallen leaf and then highlighted with mica powders in gold and copper. 

Laura Harrison Bosch of Multibeadia Designs
Organic kept taking on new meanings, appearance & of course design ideas. Here's my organic Baltic Amber accented with Turquoise Bracelet. Both are natural & untreated. I went with a SS & Turquoise Toggle Clasp because I just couldn't figure out a more natural clasp. Chunky & funky! 

Kelly Hosford Patterson of Pyxee Styx
"Like Two Peas In A Pod" ring. Two olive green pearls nestled in a pea pod made of dyed silk cocoon. The ends secured with brass wire on a wire wrapped band, with curlyQ vine accents. 

Kelly Hosford Patterson of Pyxee Styx
"Calla Lily" necklace. A silk cocoon and Biwa pearl Calla Lily blossom hangs on hand spun cording. Fastens with a fiber loop and vintage cherry button. 

Vonna Maslanka of Just Vonna
Organic design can take on many faces. I had searched the Internet for inspiration and found many designs out of vegetables. Some were very very cool! My thought process for this challenge was to find a different way to express my style of organic design. Needless to say as you see I stuck with what I know best. I just couldn't stomach the fact designing a necklace with asparagus would be appetizing to my customers. (That doesn't mean that someday....) :)
Thanks for letting me share. 

Laura Bracken of Bracken Designs Studio Art Jewelry
One thing I really like about these challenges is that when I hear the theme, I immediately try to picture what I want to make regardless of my knowledge of how to make it, which gives me an opportunity to learn new skills. I’ve had some rough (really rough) undrilled Peridot stones for about ten years now and never knew what to do with them, but as soon as I thought about the challenge I knew I wanted to try a rustic prong set peridot ring. This is the first time I’ve ever attempted a prong set ring and there was a learning curve for sure. But doing this was a great new experience and that’s always a good thing in my book. 

Mary Rembach of Omi Silver
Wrapped bronze 18 gauge wire around a mandrel to make the links. Yikes - bronze wire kills the hands but I love the look. Necklace in earth tones using bronze 18 gauge wire and bronzite 10mm round beads. Measures 25" long.

November’s themes and deadlines
Nov 4: Organic
Nov 11: Elegant
Nov 18: Modern
Nov 25: Rustic

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Pamela Hollis said...

Great designs I think this challenge was a "natural". Nice to see some new studios in the mix. Great work, all.

PyxeeStyx said...

Fantastic! I'm blown away by all the really cool and unique designs this week.