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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

THX1138 or FUTURISTIC MINIMALIST Style October Week 4 Iconic Eras Theme SRAJD Jewelry Challenge

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Our theme for October is “Iconic Eras:Real and Fictional” and the entries for this week’s design challenge were inspired by the theme of “THX1138 or Futuristic Minimalism”.

Tammy Adams of Paisley Lizard
I made a trip to the hardware store for these futuristic earrings. Glass pearls are suspended on silver chain from a toggle bar through the centers of the washers. The toggle and pearl dangle are removable by slipping them through the washer, making these convertible style earrings. 

Pamela Hollis of Pebbles at My Feet
I am usually pretty hung up about everything I do having to have a stone in it. I do make "minimalist" jewelry with stones. For this challenge, however, I decided to keep it simple, sister. A handforged copper circle on a short silver chain with drop earrings that echo the design. No dangling. Elemental. 

Kelly Hosford Patterson of Pyxee Styx
"Meet The Jetsons" - Kenetic Copper Coil bracelet. I went retro futuristic to have a little fun with this challenge. Would you believe that "The Jetsons" actually aired for 26 years, from 1962 -1988. It's hard to believe that technologies we take for granted today, like cell phones, face time, flat screen TVs, and touch screen computers, were all mere fantasies just 30 years ago. Inspired by the model of the atom, I incorporated kinetic motion into the design. Ceramic art bead "electrons", by Grubbi, spin freely around the coils when worn. It has a hook and loop clasp, but since it is a spring coil, it will easily slide over the hand as well. 

Laura Bracken of Bracken Designs Studio Art Jewelry
Since my kiln died halfway through my original design, I had to switch gears and came up with these long metal triangle post earrings. 

Jennifer James of Jenni Leigh Creations
Repurposed/upcycled vintage metal square tubes were matched with light pink Swarovski cube crystals. The juxtaposition between cold, hard, industrial metal is countered with something soft, sparkly, feminine. There is minimal material in these earrings and they portray the futuristic machine era with the softer human element with a glimmer of hope and beauty. (footnote: the power women is the wave of the future)

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PyxeeStyx said...

Fantastically Futuristic!

Pamela Hollis said...

Cool designs - I think Tammy's hardware washer earrings are inspired and I love Kelly's electron orbit bracelet. I like using motion in design I just never know whether the planned motion will "behave"!