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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Picasso July Week 1 Iconic Painters Theme SRAJD Jewelry Challenge

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Our theme for July is “Iconic Painters” and the entries for this week’s design challenge were inspired by the theme of “Pablo Picasso”. 

Katie Palmer of Sage Hen Design
I mixed up organic random shapes with fairly strong lines similar to what Picasso uses. Mixture of metals, brass, sterling and copper with champagne cubic zerconia set in, add to the design. This bracelet was a challenge for me with the painted patina on the brass, I could not do any soldering on this. Rivets for construction (all 60 of them!) are what holds this bracelet together.

Luann Zanke Gilliland of LZG Beaded Designs
When I look over Picasso's images, two things jump out at me: the multiple vibrant colors and the frequent use of eyes. I have always loved eyes and faces. When Joan Miller began making her gorgeous porcelain eye beads, I was hooked! I paired the eyes with a combination of freshwater stick pearls and black Czech glass rondelles - all lined up in a ROYGBIV pattern. The Eyes Have It!

Alan Goldin of Goldin Jewelry
Dark Token was carved in wax and cast in sterling silver, and features a Fire Agate, two Amber cabochons, and four faceted Andalusites. It has an iridescent bronze-colored patina, protected by lacquer, applied in recessed areas; the silver is highly polished in some places, while being left with a matte, sandpapered finish in others.
As a 3" x 3-1/8" pendant, it hangs from a 20-inch sterling silver French Rope chain, and when not in use, it sits on its own custom-made sterling silver wire easel. 

Jane Rothmund of Stoneworks Jewellery
This is a FUN piece! It reminds me of a painting by Picasso because of its jagged lines and asymmetry. A few weeks ago I was at a very boring rock and gem show. I noticed that a glass artist had a big basket of seconds that she was selling very cheaply. So, in order to pass the time, I decided to try some "crazy" wire wrapped pieces using some of her glass beads (I don't usually wrap glass). I made several pieces that day, but this one, in particular, reminds me of Picasso's style. 

Tammy Adams of Paisley Lizard
These "Moody Blues" glass beaded dangle earrings were inspired by the colors from Picasso's "blue period."

Tammy Adams of Paisley Lizard
When I learned Picasso was credited with bringing collage to the fine art scene, I decided to make a collage pendant. Images cut from catalogs, encased in resin, strung on antique brass finish chain with glass beaded accents.

Kim Forrer of Kim Forrer Designs
I used acrylic paints to achieve all the wonderful colorful paintings Picasso was known for and used them on copper to make this cuff. Tried to resemble an abstract" cubist" look but I am no Picasso. Should have taken a photo before cuff was formed to show all of the colors and forms used. 

Laura Harrison Bosch of Multibeadia Designs
This is my Picasso Jasper Cubism Necklace! Now that I've stopped being so literal with each challenge I'm having more fun with them. 

Laura Harrison Bosch of Multibeadia Designs
Picasso Jasper Donut & Chain Earrings. My original idea was to add these 2 small Picasso Jasper Donuts & the larger one that's on the Picasso Necklace to this chain for a necklace. All the colors in the chain are in Picasso's paintings & it looked really cool. But the chain & donuts just wouldn't cooperate.

Ronni Eloff of Vamp Kitty Designs
Inspired by Weeping Woman, this design went through 10 iterations working out what popped and what didn't. I have a large flat rat box filled with - pieces - of old jewelry, designs that never worked, attempts at clay, ceramic, metals, you name it, 80 years of stuff that nobody would keep around - but me. I had made this heart 20 years ago, and the circular pendant 30+ years ago. Scrounging through the box, there were sodalite and lapis chips - representing the woman's hair with white streaks representing the tears. Light Yellow Calcite is intertwined to represent her face. The primary colored wood rondelles - Picasso's way of accenting. And aventurine and red jasper chunks.to represent the cubist and green/red within the painting. 

Laura Bracken of Bracken Designs Studio Art Jewelry
I was having so much fun learning about Picasso’s art while reading up on this challenge that I went ahead and explored some designs based on three different periods of his painting career. 

 The first piece is inspired by Picasso’s “rose” period. This followed his famous “blue” period and instead of the cold colors with somber themes, his paintings took on the warm red, pink and orange hues with more cheerful themes. My charm bracelet features these colors accented with the stark black and white of the harlequins that Picasso added to his paintings during the rose period.  The clasp is homage to my joy of Picasso's sunflower paintings.

Laura Bracken of Bracken Designs Studio Art Jewelry My second piece was created after I read about Picasso’s influence of the movement that included collages in fine art. Some say the term collage was as a direct result of Picasso. For this simple piece, I chose the theme of famous artworks, mostly women’s faces, and just made a miniature collage pendant, sealed with domed resin.

Laura Bracken of Bracken Designs Studio Art Jewelry For my final piece, I chose one of Picasso’s most iconic periods of art, cubism. For this piece I first cut a piece of rose bronze sheet then soldered small, cut out bits of copper sheet to it, flattened it in a rolling mill, then repeated the process for a second layer. I then added a patina. 

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Katie Palmer said...

Wonderful interpretations!

Tammy Adams said...

This may have been the most "inspiring" theme so far based on the spectacular diversity of interpretations. Well done, all.

Deborah Lambson said...

Wow..Super job everyone!

Laura Bosch said...

Another fantastic week of designs!

Pamela Hollis said...

Again, this challenge produced amazing designs and beautifully executed pieces...and in a week! You folks are great.

Dina Cuomo said...

These designs are so amazing- what a talented group of artists!

Carol Evans said...

Katie Palmer...Your piece is da BOMB!! I mean...super super cool.