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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Afremov July Week 3 Iconic Painters Theme SRAJD Jewelry Challenge

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Our theme for July is “Iconic Painters” and the entries for this week’s design challenge were inspired by the theme of contemporary artist “Leonid Afremov”.

Linda Baldwin of Fired n Wired Jewelry
Glass pendant I hand painted in vibrant color alcohol inks then wire wrapped in silver.

Tammy Adams of Paisley Lizard
I was inspired by the vivid colors and almost pixelated details in Afremov's paintings. I used a rainbow of natural and treated semi-precious gemstones to create this free-form wire-weave cuff bracelet.

Jennifer James of Jenni Leigh Creations
This was a limited edition (3 made). I call it my "Button Necklace" although it is not made of buttons, but rather, dyed magnesite disc beads and Sterling silver wire. It reminded me so much of the chaotic and colorful artwork of Leonid Afremov that I just had to use it as an entry. As I look at his art, the color chaos seems to melt into a mesmerizing pattern, giving an illusion of pattern, where there is none, or a sense of calmness, of which there is none. It's playful. It's delightful. It's an oxymoron unto it's self. Not unlike my Button Necklace....or is it?

Sherri Jones of SenoJ Designs
"Through My Eyes" is the title of this piece. Designed with bright Bronzite, Chinese Crystals and a splash of Gold. I feel my piece captures the inner thoughts of this magnificent artist.

Laura Harrison Bosch of Multibeadia Designs
I went for the colors. He's a very interesting artist but a little overbearing. I made this bracelet using size 4 cubes, Herringbone/Ndebele stitch that came out feeling very satiny & fluid. The Turquoise vintage lucite just keep speaking to me "use me, use me". I'm tired so I listened!

Laura Bracken of Bracken Designs Studio Art Jewelry
I’m attracted to the vibrant colors of Afremov’s work and in a perfect world would have loved to enamel on top of these rings, but I was pressed for time so ended up doing colored resins instead, giving them more of a Monet appearance than Afremov. I’m still happy with how they turned out as this was my first time trying to make rings like this based on a tutorial from Jewelry Making Daily. It was a bit tricky since I don’t have a square ring mandrel, but I improvised. After cutting, filing, and annealing the copper tubing, I formed the squares and stamped (can’t really see that) textures on three sides of each ring. I then added a patina and decorated the tops of the rings with colorful designs reminiscent of Afremov.

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Laura Bosch said...

Wow! They're all so diverse, imaginative & pretty. Maybe Afremov would like to see our work he inspired.

Lisa Dahn said...

Very nice work by everyone! I love this inspiration.

Tammy Adams said...

This may be our most colorful group of designs yet. Beautiful work and wonderful inspiration.