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Monday, January 20, 2014

SRAJD Adds a Blog List and an FAQ Starting Out With Social Media

Moving forward with new and exciting things on SRAJD's plate, I bring you...

Our official blog roll

This page will soon be available as a link on the SRAJD website.  When members renew their active status, we are asking them if they want their blog mentioned on the website.  I hope all you SRAJD members are keeping up with your blogs.  The more you post to it, the more people will continue to visit it.

I get more hits on my blog than I do from all my other websites COMBINED.

And secondly, I've decided to go ahead and post "the great big FAQ" in stages rather than wait for some time in the mythical future when it's complete.  It will probably always be a work in progress.

So if you want to know how things work in the SRAJD, you'd want to look here.

BTW, it's a pdf and has some images so give it a second to load... it's worth the wait.

I started off with info about some of our social media outlets, but future entries will include all kinds of FAQ's relating to the organization.

Enjoy!  And may the sales be ever in your favor!

Spotlight Listings: 

Check out these fabulous earrings by SRAJD member Rita Vaughn from Wits End Magick


And this lace cur bracelet by SRAJD member Kathy Anderson from Golden Ram Metalsmithing


And how about 14k gold fill chainmaille necklace by SRAJD member Connie Pardini from Wirestorm Creations.


Tammie Everly said...

How can I add my blog to the blog roll? Thanks Tammie Everly [tammie@ttedesigns.com]

Laura said...

Hi Tammie... you can email me (with SRAJD in the subject line) or you can leave a comment here with your blog info or you can msg me on Facebook or convo me on Etsy. Thanks!

Patricia C Vener said...

I'm getting my act together wrt my blog. I'm posting at least twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays at the moment). My URL is http://vener-art.com/beadblog/

I've been doing red/pink/Valentine themes.

Now to find the blogroll and see what everyone else is doing!

Irene said...

Can you add my blog to the list. Thanks so much :-)