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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Changes to the SRAJD Group

Happy New Year, everyone!

When we started this group for Self Representing Artists in Jewelry Design back in 2005, we had no idea what a strong and large community it would become.  As the SRAJD organization continues to grow, expanding both as a social entity (forums where SRAJD members can share) and as an advertising entity (where potential customers can be introduced to the shops of SRAJD members), we have found it necessary to make changes over the years.

The forward momentum of our group is exciting.  It also, however, puts new demands on the administrative and financial duties needed to run the organization in the best ways possible.  In order to maintain a positive and thriving presence, we have decided that beginning in January 2014, our rates will increase to the following:
  • Fees for established members and new members will be $10 annually.  You will receive an email one month prior to your renewal date.
  • Small ads on the website will be $10 per year.
  • Large ads on the website will remain $25 per year.
  • SRAJD member ads for the online customer catalog will be $15 per issue and they will be juried for inclusion.

These prices will help us maintain our current expenses as well as help us expand upon future ventures.  For a detailed list of these items, please refer to the January 2014 newsletter.

We are also working with online retailers to secure special discounts for SRAJD members.  This would include supplies as well as workshops.

All previous members of the SRAJD organization will still be listed with their original SRAJD membership # on the website, and those who take part in the annual renewing of their membership will be able to take advantage of our current and upcoming benefits.

The option to take out an ad on the SRAJD website is available for all members, active or not.  Taking out an ad is not a substitute for the annual renewal. Moving forward, ads and renewing are two separate ideas.

SRAJD membership renewals are valid for one year from the date you join or renew. One month prior to your membership expiring, you will receive an automatic e-mail reminder. 

SRAJD website ads are active for one year from the date your ad starts. One month prior to your ad expiring, you will receive an automatic e-mail reminder. 

We are discontinuing the use of the words “contributor” and “sponsor” for our membership.  All members have equal status.  Advertising pages on the SRAJD website will still be labeled as Contributing Members and Sponsoring Members.

Whether or not you select to continue with the organization, we'd like to thank all of you for being part of the journey.

The SRAJD admin team, Laura and Alex

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