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Friday, October 4, 2013

Project Runway Challenge -- Week 12: Butterfly Inspired Avant Garde

The theme for week 12 was to create a butterfly-inspired avant garde look... and to take someone's previous failure and rework it.

Bradon won the challenge with his noodle dress:

Dom was a close second with what they kept referring to as the melding of three fabrics but Mom and I could only see two fabrics there... what do we know.

Those two will show at Fashion Week.  The three remaining designers will create collections, but not all will show at Fashion Week.

There offerings for week twelve were as follows...



And Alexandria

Can you make a butterfly-inspired avant garde look?  I hope to see it!  You can also choose one of these designs as your inspiration for a week 12 piece of jewelry.

Submit your entry here (preferably by next Thursday, but not crucial). Can't wait to see what you come up with!


Grace said...

Did you drop the Challenge?

Laura Bracken said...

Hi Grace. No, I had to leave the country for a couple weeks. It coincided with the end of the PR season.

I forget sometimes that not everyone sees all the posts on our Facebook group. I should have mentioned something here on the blog. My apologies.

I'm just about to put up another post and then the admins of the SRAJD organization will select a winner for the game.


Laura Bracken said...

And thank you for the very kind words, Grace. It was fun for me too. :-)