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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Preliminary Announcement of SRAJD Jewelry Design Contest #4 -- Project Runway 2013

Sneak peek at the next SRAJD contest, set to start this Thursday, July 18th.

First off, I take no credit for coming up with this idea.  I've seen it in several other groups online and it looks like so much fun I thought we'd give it a try too.

The game is a several week-long challenge that will be more about the journey than the destination.  We want to push ourselves as jewelry makers and designers to try things outside of our normal comfort zone. 

We are playing along with Season 12 of Project Runway.  Project Runway is a televised competition for clothing designers.  Each week, the hosts come up with a theme or challenge and the designers get to work creating outfits that fit the challenge while still representing their own artistic voice.

The show will air weekly starting July 18th on the Lifetime network.  You should also be able to stream full versions for free online here.  It’s also on Hulu and Reelflicks and probably other places… just need to google.

In the PR tv show, a contestant is booted from the show each week.  Fortunately, we have no such action.  All we’re going to be doing is playing along, designing jewelry inspired by each week’s theme/challenge that also expresses who we are as an artist.
The contest ends when the current Project Runway season ends.  All entries will be available for viewing on a web page linked to the SRAJD blog. 

All the submitted designs will be featured on the SRAJD blog each week.

One grand prize winner will be chosen at the end of the season’s series to receive a $25 gift certificate for the online jewelry supply store Rings and Things as well as a one-year Sponsor ad on the SRAJD website ($25 value).  That winner will be chosen by the SRAJD administration team as the member who best exemplified the spirit of the contest.

Only SRAJD members may enter (for information on joining the organization, click here).

If you don’t remember your SRAJD membership #, you can find it here.

You may enter more than once each week week.  SRAJD members may also team-up if they like.

The entry must be a piece of jewelry.  You may submit any size photo (although over 600 pixels is best), but we may resize your photo to fit on the blog.

You do not need to see the tv show in order to participate as the theme/challenges will be announced each Friday on the SRAJD blog.

The submitted designs from the previous week’s theme will be shown each Friday on the SRAJD blog.  Any late entries will be added as they come in.  You may enter any week at any time during the series' season.

More questions you may have…

Do I have to see the show to join in the SRAJD game?

Absolutely not!  We will be posting images and links as well as explaining the challenge each week on our blog, so you don’t need to see the show at all.

Do I need to make a piece of jewelry for each episode in order to be considered for the grand prize?

Nope.  Play as often or as infrequently as you like.

What if my piece isn’t done before the next week’s episode starts?

We’ll still accept it, but it won’t get as much exposure because it will be added after the blog has been read by most people.

Is this contest open to international jewelry makers?

It’s open to all SRAJD members, which definitely includes international jewelry makers.

How many weeks will it last?

I don't know how many weeks the show is on the air. That's how long it will last, though. If they start out with 20 people (for example), it could last 20 weeks.

Who decides which photos go in the blog and who the grand prize winner is at the end?

The SRAJD admin team will be making these decisions.


Sharon Orella said...

This sounds like a fun contest!!

Nohline said...

Way, what a cool idea! Look forward to the graocery store (or similar) challenge! :lol:

Babette said...

Let's do this! I'm ready to play...

juliet said...

I think this is a fun and clever idea! In fact, to my knowledge, a jewelry contest reality show has yet to air on TV. Am I right?

Laura Bracken said...

Well there was that one that wasn't jewelry specifically, but it was accessories, so jewelry, shoes, purses, hats, etc. I think it was called Project Accessory.

Kim said...

Can't wait! Sounds fun!

Sue Barnes said...

Sounds great!

Roxanne Napolitano said...

The idea of designing a piece to wear with actual clothing really appeals to me!!
(I'm not good at using a photo for "inspiration". Clothing just works better for me - at least I think it does.)
GREAT idea!

Joy Ingram said...

Really looking forward to the challenges. Wonder when the TV program is airing in the UK.

Glass With Grace said...

I love love love Project Runway, so this is a great inspiration opportunity. Be sure and show us 'how' to submit images with an easy to use 'link'. Grace

kim Idalski said...

I am excited. Gives me an excuse to watch a tv show I want to watch instead of alligator hunters. LOL Will be fun to be inspired and work outside my comfort zone. Thanks for the fun idea and challenge. Create Happy. Kimberly

Stace said...

What a fantastic idea...I'm excited!