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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Deadvlei Namibia June Week 2 Exotic Locaitons Theme SRAJD Jewelry Challenge

Our theme for June is “Exotic Locations” and the entries for this week’s design challenge were inspired by Deadvlei, Namibia.

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Tammie Everly of TTE Designs
This set is made from black Premo polymer clay, red variegated foil leaf and faceted black glass with copper tone accents. As soon as I scanned the challenge inspiration photos I knew it needed to be tribal and rustic, but with some polish too. Not my usual type of piece, but I enjoyed the challenge.

Jo Pound of Jewelry by Jolane
The stark and simple landscape with just the colors to give any kind of definition made me think the earrings should be simple and defined by the colors. Therefore the smooth mountains, golden sand and bright blue sky seemed most prominent.

Tammy Adams of Paisley Lizard
I used a combination of river jasper, red aventurine, and sodalite beads wrapped with antiqued bronze wire to represent the colors of the bleached clay pan, rust red dunes, clear sky, and scorched trees of Deadvlei.

Laura Harrison Bosch of Multibeadia Designs
I looked at a lot more pictures of this beautiful place. The colors - purples, blues & oranges inspired my necklace. Charoite, Fire Agate & Gold Plated Nuggets accent the Pendant. The wavy shape of the Charoite reminds me of the undulating sand. I went with simple stringing, I wanted to colors to be the story.

Kim Forrer of Kim Forrer Designs
I love the colors you achieve with a flame on copper and thought it resembled the beautiful orange backdrop of a desolate desert landscape. Painted the blackened tree with acrylic paint.

Cheryl KauhaaPo of Jungle Beads
My greatest challenge is to use the inventory I have and (gasp!) not buy anything new right now! Created with oval red aventurine, faceted blue seed beads, accented with sapphire Swarovski and carnelian beads, I tried the reflect the movement and color of the sand and sky. Necklace measures 15-18 inches with copper extension chain. By participating in this challenge, I'm hoping to come out of the bead closet (!) and finally finish my Etsy page!

Nohline L'Ecuyer of Nohline L'Ecuyer
Deadvlei (Doodvlei to some) in Namibia, stark and barren with amazing light. Picture Jasper in fine silver. Reflections of the dunes, the light, the barren trees and dedicated to my amazing photographer friend who died some 28 years ago on her way home from SWA.

Kelly Hosford Patterson of Pyxee Styx
"Still Standing" - a tribute to the incredible survival power of mother nature. 
Raku ceramics, fire, etched, and crackle Agates, lampwork glass, African bronze, leather, waxed linen

I feel like I could do this weekly challenge every day for a year.  I am in love with the photos of this exotic landmark.  For my piece I cut out two copper disks, then saw pierced the smaller one with the outline of a dead tree.  I soldered the pieces together then added layers of enamel to the top, darkened the tree, and tried to clean up the edges.
Diana Brandt of dianaBdesigns
This necklace is a wire crochet piece using the colors of the Deadvlei Marsh. I didn't want one particular color to stand out as they all combine to give it a powerful impact when viewing photos of the desiccated land. Two things that are striking however are the sand dunes that reach 350 meters and the trees that still stand waiting for a rainfall that will never come. I used bright copper wire to crochet the seed beads and then wove together the crocheted strands to create the illusion of sand dunes shimmering in the heat with threads of the dead trees peeking through.

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June 9th Deadvlei, Namibia
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June 23rd Angkor wat, Cambodia
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