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Thursday, March 26, 2015

SRAJD Week 6 Topic BLOGS

Laura Bracken: Let's start the week by reminding everyone of our great SRAJD blogroll. Can you imagine how much useful and fun information is to be had from the pages on this list? http://www.artisimportant.com/SRAJD/blogs.htm

Tammy Adams: How often do you all post new content for your blogs? I aim for once a week, sometimes twice if there's a design challenge or blog hop.

Laura Bracken: I try to blog every 2-3 days. I like to keep my readership around the 500 a day or higher mark and that seems to help.

Helen White: I tried to aim for 1 post a week, but my health has been so bad the last three years that I can't physically do this. I also have a different website with blog attached which I have neglected, but I just can't find time or energy. Now I am trying to blog when I feel like it and the pain is manageable.

Tammy Adams: Laura, what tool do you use to track readership?

Laura Bracken: I have stats on the Blogger dashboard and I also use http://statcounter.com

Nohline L'Ecuyer: This is where I stumble. I started a blog; have several posts written but need to find the photos to attach.

My blog is through my webpage (new) on indiemade. Can you attach this stat counter to that. I think I may have it on Blagger,but not sure. How do you get followers? I have a lot of questions on this subject.  Do you write your blog post with photos in a word doc and then just paste it to your post?

Laura Bracken: If you get the code from StatCounter (easy-peasy), you can ask the IndieMade admin to add it to your blog page. As to how I get followers, I don’t think I do anything special that I can think of. I try to be “out there” in the social media world and when someone mentions something or has a question on a topic I’ve covered in my blog, I post a link. I used to write my posts in WORD (but not with photos) and then paste to blog, but lately I just write it straight in my blog.

Tammy Adams: I compose my posts from the blog dashboard most of the time, Nohline. Sometimes I start a draft document in a word processing program, especially if ideas come to me when away from my blog dashboard. In either case, I insert parenthetical notes about images to remind me to grab a photo.

This is a nice post about audience size. It sort of goes with the idea of writing for one person. Which is good basic advice for authors on any platform. http://www.alexandrafranzen.com/.../21/you-are-a-big-deal/

Nohline L'Ecuyer: Oh that's wonderful Tammy! Thank you and it applies to so much more than just a blog!

Tammy Adams:  Here's another question: what do you blog about? Most of my posts are about what I call my creative adventures: designing new pieces, trying new techniques, blog hops. Occasionally I share some tips, but I haven't done any formal tutorials.

Laura Bracken: I have two blogs, Tammy. One is me babbling about everything, some of which happens to be jewelry related. Then I take the useful jewelry info and put it in the other "all business" blog. My "babbling" blog gets 500 hits a day... way way WAY more than my all business blog.

So I think posts about just want you mention would be great... your design inspirations, attempts at new techniques, etc.

Carol (Britt) Clay: I post on my blog more seasonally and in a staggered pattern, mainly due to time constraints and listing groups of items. I also stagger (not only) posts about my items, but in between my posts, I write about other shops too. They're what I call "shout outs" and I also promote Collection/Treasury posts where I use a method of visualizing an actual trip there on my magic carpet.....(ok, sounds corny, but I love visualizing things). Once at someone's shop, I wander through and focus on items they sell, as a promo. I also add my own item at the end of each treas/collection (because I was also featured too, so why not)?  I am now listing about 25 new items so I expect to be making a new blog post afterward...

Laura Bracken: Decent, straight-forward advice. I follow all these rules except #6  Getting past the annoying pop-up on that site took me a second or two... ugh http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/232478

Since blogging is such a huge social media path, I thought we'd have more conversation on the topic. Is everyone happy with their blog or lack of blog? No questions, thoughts, ideas, rants?

Tammy Adams:  I wouldn't say I'm 100% satisfied with my blog. It's only a little over 1 year old, and I'm still learning things. I'm not sure who I want to be my "target audience" for my blog, just as I am still working on defining the target market for my jewelry. I'd say most of my readers are other jewelry designers, partly because I regularly participate in design challenges and blog hops. I'm curious how other bloggers recruit readers.

Laura Bracken: I don't recruit, but I do refer to past blog posts in social media when relevant.

Tammy Adams:  That's sort of my raison d'etre for blogging, too, Laura.  I try to write shorter posts and so far have not succeeded. But I do at least sprinkle photos liberally about the text.

Bonnie Jacobsen: I love blogs and don't have one.

Laura Bracken: I don't see the point to having one unless you WANT one and/or need one, I guess. Apparently I ramble and babble and feel the need to yap constantly.

Bonnie Jacobsen:  I love your blogs Laura. I am disappointed when you don't do them.

Laura Bracken: Really Bonnie? That's so awesome to hear. My next blog post will be about my adventures on Valentine's day. 

Sonia Davis: I have thought about a blog and probably even started one and never went back to it........I now need to justify to my husband and family my reason for wanting to do this full time....So I guess I will start blogging.......how do you do it all.....create, design, family, social media, marketing....etc. i commend everyone who is able to keep up....I am trying one step at a time.

Helen White: I have two blogs, one for my journalism site and one for the jewellery website. I tried to post once a week on the latter but couldn't keep it up for health reasons. I tend to come up with topics spontaneously rather than planning it all.

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