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Sunday, February 1, 2015

January 2015 WIRE WORK Theme for SRAJD Jewelry Design Challenge

Our theme for January 2015 was “WIRE WORK” so without further ado, have a lot at the scrumptious offerings of the SRAJD members…

Click on any photo to see a closer view of the design.

Kim Forrer of Kim Forrer Designs
Haven't made fibulas in years but love wearing them on my scarf (I have many!!!). Love to start twisting the wire and see where I end up.

Jo Pound of Jewelry by Jolane
This an old pic (2010) of a necklace when I was doing wirework. The copper neck band is braided and there are Swarovski crystals and swirls on the ends.

Kim Forrer of Kim Forrer Designs
I love making hearts so since it's almost Valentine's Day thought I would make this brooch. Copper and Carnelian - my favorite combo.

Betony Maiden of A Fair Maiden Jewelry
I'm super proud of this piece. Its my first full piece that I made it all myself except for the artisan lampwork and crystals. I love wire and just jumped right into it. I used 16g copper wire. I made loads of links. The piece is called HOPE BLOSSOMS. I had so much fun that I am still creating. Its such an amazing feeling to have made this all by hand. I'm also proud of the first clasp I have ever made in this piece.

Jamie Thompson of Sumerthyme
This is one of my first wire weave pieces. I have had this heart shaped natural amber for years with no idea what to do with it. After getting a book on wire weave I found what to do! I love the amber with all of its bugs and pollen. The copper wire weave compliments the shape so well.

Lynne Simpson of Desert Shine Jewelry
This is a beautiful piece of picture Jasper that a lapidary friend asked me to wrap for him. I wanted to keep as much of the stone free of wire as possible so I used weaving and prongs along the side instead of a traditional wrap, the piece is done with 20g and 28g copper wire that has been darkened with LOS and tumble polished.

Jane Rothmund of Stoneworks Jewellery
This piece is called "Frozen Heart because I started with an amazing heart of white agate that looked like it belonged in the movie "Frozen". The white agate heart was wrapped in a bezel and bail of rose gold, which is very pale and appropriate for the frozen theme. I then finished off the front of the heart with a frozen heartbeat and crystals of ice.

Tasha Harris of Tasha’s Touch Healing Jewelry
I was feeling sexy and wanted to create something to reflect that. I Ventured out and tried some new things and I am so happy I did. it makes me feel sexy and effervescent when I wear it. I talk a lot in my business, so I wanted something to keep my throat chakra calm. Angelite, works wonders for me. I bought a tut from Julie Hulick, in order to step outside my normal routine, so happy I did. I am into healing and copper is a great metal for that. I love making most things in square, to make my jewelry have not only texture but I find it easier to work with. Copper energy with the Angelite, keeps me feeling energized and light on my feet.

Donna Jo Wallace of Naturally Nickel Free
Dark red garnet earrings with niobium wirework and handmade earwires. 1.5 inches long, petite and pretty. Handmade and nickel-free by Naturally Nickel Free.

Maxine Booth of Perfectly Practical
My first try at wire weaving/braiding, this with 5 strands. It was fun and a little challenging for me. I loved incorporating beads into the braid for sparkle and color.

Michael Thornton of Simply Elegant Wire Jewelry
This a prong setting for a clear heart shaped CZ. The stone is wrapped in Silver Filled wire. The setting is very minimal, it allows the greatest about of light to flow through the stone to give it the "shine". The pendant consists of 7 wires, 6-21 gauge square wires and 1-21 gauge half-round wire. The pendant is entirely made by hand and has no glue or solder to hold it together.

Tina Faxas of Jewelry by Maree
I used copper wire, copper sheeting and a large Mother of Pearl bead. I've always loved items from the sea. Mother of pearl is so shimmery, reminds me of the sun reflecting on the ocean. The bangle part of the bracelet is 18 gauge wire wrapped together using a basket weave. I soldered a setting for the Mother of pearl bead and used 18 gauge wire as a decorative design that also acts as a hook. These two colors together a really complimentary.

Linda Blatchford of LinorStore Jewelry
I was inspired by the bird's nest necklaces that I saw online, but I wanted to alter the design so it was my own, so I wrapped the wire through and around the beads in an "orbit" fashion. One repeat client bought 3 at a time with different gemstones for healing characteristics; 1 was a gift and the recipient loves it.

Mary Rembach of Omi Silver
This soft lilac lepidolite makes me think Spring and looking out my window today (with more SNOW and cold) that's a nice thought. I love pear or teardrop shaped beads and like the way they look when wrapped in wire. These lepidolite beads came from South Africa and the silver beads are Turkish sterling silver. The wire is 20 gauge and the clasp is 18 gauge silver filled wire. I always try to finish my jewelry with jump rings in order to easily adjust the size.

Bonnie Jacobsen of BDJ Designs
Copper wire woven bracelet with a twist Round copper wire has been hammered, sanded, polished and twisted to create this simple design. A light patina has been given for an antique feel.

Tammy Adams of Paisley Lizard
These rustic triangle earrings are made with oxidized copper wire. Green glass beads are woven into the center of the frame with natural copper wire. On natural copper ear wires.

Nohline L'Ecuyer of Nohline L'Ecuyer
18 gauge copper wire woven in a 2x2 pattern. It is then sewn onto a piece of hessian together with a twig which I picked up at The Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

Nohline L'Ecuyer of Nohline L'Ecuyer
18 gauge copper and silver wire woven in a 1x1 pattern, hollow formed and soldered into a bead. Teacher Jeanie Pratt.

Nohline L'Ecuyer of Nohline L'Ecuyer
Wire weaving in process. 22 gauge silver wire and 18 gauge gold filled wire. I will eventually hollow form these into rectangles and create earrings from them. Teacher Jeanie Pratt.

Nohline L'Ecuyer of Nohline L'Ecuyer
This is a random double wire weave in 20 gauge silver as a scarf pin. It has been tumbled to work harden an patinaed.

Barbara Swinton of Touch of Silver
The chevron shape is a popular one, yet this is only the second chevron necklace I've made. Love the bright colors of this wire (bought 2 years ago and never used) because when it's snowy and gray outside, colorful jewelry makes the day brighter!!! I coiled the artistic wire - it took a few tries to get it the right tension so that it would slide off the mandrel. Making the chevrons was the next step but connecting them caused problems. Round one, the chevron wrapped loop wouldn't accommodate two rings of the size I planned. Made new rings, but they weren't big enough to allow the chevrons to hang nicely...they bunched up. The third manufacture of a set of rings did the trick. This was a good learning exercise! The chevron is attached to an elongated rolo sterling chain with handmade S clasp.

Debi Riley of Labyrinth Spirit
My first attempt at wire wrapping a large rhodonite gemstone bead with a handmade chain...i did this without a tutorial....i am well pleased with the results.

Tammy Adams of Paisley Lizard
The copper wire oval hoop frames for these earrings were formed using a mandrel. I used thinner copper wire to wrap purple Czech glass beads around the outer edges and to finish the top loops. The hoops are joined to copper earwires with a beaded link connector.

Kelly Hosford Patterson of Pyxee Styx
"Strumming My Heartstrings" Copper Heart Harp earrings with Ruby Jade and musical note dangles, and tattered sari silk bow ties. They hang 4 3/4 inches long on handmade copper ear wires. Just in time for Valentine's Day!

Laura Bracken of Bracken Designs Studio Art Jewelry
A necklace and bracelet set created using the ancient technique of wire weaving called Viking knit (which indeed does date back that far).

We hope you’ve enjoyed looking at these wonderful creations. Make sure to check out the other monthly challenges.

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Lisa Dahn said...

Wonderful job eeveryone.I thought the frozen heart was especially stunning.

Kim said...

Wow!! Lots of cool items everyone!!!

touch of silver said...

Looks like everyone had alot of fun with this one!!! Love the variety.

PyxeeStyx said...

So many entries!What a fantastic start to the new year's challenges. So cool to see how everyone put their own unique twist on the same medium. Kudos to all!

Wires n Pliers said...

What great artists we have! Beautiful work!